There are two types of information that may be exchanged between the HighspireGardens.com website and the user during each visit to a HighspireGardens.com website. They are: 1. General technical data transmitted between your computer and the HighspireGardens.com website that does not identify you personally. 2. Personally identifiable information that you voluntarily share. The types of personally identifiable information that you might share include your name, address, and e-mail address. 3. HighspireGardens.com does not use "cookies" from the Users of this website and HighspireGardens.com does not provide personally identifiable information about its Users. 4. Advertising companies deliver ads on some HighspireGardens.com-related websites. You should be aware that when you click on these ads, the advertising companies may deploy cookies to receive anonymous information about ad viewing by Internet users on HighspireGardens.com websites and other websites. This information is associated with your Web browser, but cannot be associated with your name or e-mail address without your permission. Therefore, advertising companies may know where your computer goes on the Web, but they do not know who you are unless you tell them. HighspireGardens.com does not provide personally identifiable information about its customers or HighspireGardens.com website visitors to these advertising companies.

PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION HighspireGardens.com may ask you to provide "personally identifiable information" such as your name, address, and e-mail address when you use HighspireGardens.com websites to: request a Garden Tour or ask to receive information or sign our Guestbook. Personally identifiable information provided at a HighspireGardens.com website will be protected in the same manner as when the information is provided by other means such as in person. We use personally identifiable information provided at a HighspireGardens.com website in the following ways unless otherwise specified: 1. For its intended purpose (such as to schedule a Garden Tour), 2. To provide you with information about new HighspireGardens.com website newsletters, postings, special events and features.

E-MAIL COMMUNICATIONS HighspireGardens.com may use e-mail to communicate with you, respond to your e-mail, and to tell you about new postings and features. If you do not wish to receive e-mail from HighspireGardens.com or if you do not want your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information collected, please do not submit it to us. If you have already submitted this information and would like for us to remove it from our records or if you wish to update your information, please contact us at webmaster@HighspireGardens.com. You may verify or update your name, address, or e-mail address by e-mailing the webmaster. HighspireGardens.com will use reasonable efforts to correct any information that is inaccurate or update our records, as appropriate.

CHILDREN If HighspireGardens.com becomes aware that a user who is under 18 is using a HighspireGardens.com website, HighspireGardens.com will specifically instruct that individual that they are not to submit information on HighspireGardens.com websites without a parent or guardian's consent. If a child has provided HighspireGardens.com with personally identifiable information without HighspireGardens.com's knowledge, a parent or guardian of the child may contact webmaster@HighspireGardens.com and HighspireGardens.com will delete the child's information from our existing files.

LINKS HighspireGardens.com websites contain links to other websites that are owned and operated by parties other than HighspireGardens.com. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy does not extend to any websites other than those owned and controlled by HighspireGardens.com.

QUESTIONS If you have questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, you may contact us at webmaster@HighspireGardens.com.

UPDATES From time to time HighspireGardens.com may update its Privacy Policy. When it does so, it will post the updated policy on the website and note the revision date of the Privacy Policy. Posting of the update to the website shall constitute adequate notice of the Privacy Policy change and use of the site following posting of the new policy shall constitute the Users consent to the Privacy Policy as revised.

DISCLOSURE TO THIRD PARTIES HighspireGardens.com will not sell personally identifiable information to third parties. We will not disclose to outside parties any personally identifiable information obtained from a HighspireGardens.com online service or the registration at a HighspireGardens.com website without your consent except under the following circumstances: 1. When required by law, 2. When disclosure is necessary to protect the safety of a customer, third party or HighspireGardens.com's property, 3. If it is required in connection with any sale or transfer of all or a portion of HighspireGardens.com's assets.

Updated - January 23, 2007

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