2/22/1995 - Deed Book 171, Page 553
Rita Lee Byers to Todd E. and Tina A. Byers

6/1/1977 - Deed Book 98, Page 513
Ruth D. Kysela and Frank J. Kysela, husband and wife to
Robert S. Byers and Rita Lee Byers, husband and wife

7/26/1971 - Deed Book 81, Page 435
Ida M. Kiatta, unmarried to
Ruth D. Kysela

4/21/1966 - Deed Book 71, Page 457
Nettie V. McBee, widow to
George S. Kiatta and Ida M. Kiatta, husband and wife

2/11/1944 - Deed Book 50, Page 87
Ora E. Widmyer and Lenwood Widmyer, husband and wife to
Charles K. McBee and Nettie V. McBee, husband and wife

2/10/1943 - Deed Book 49, Page 467
Fredericka D. Owen, widow (Washington DC) and Eleanor Reynolds and Bennett Reynolds, husband and wife
               (Roosevelt, Arizona) to
Ora E. Widmyer and Lenwood Widmyer, husband and wife
               Note:  Parcel First:  Lots 110 and 111 (which today is Highspire)

4/25/1881 - Deed Book 13, Page 33
John T. Siler, Charles P. Dyche, H.H. Hunter, Romanus Hunter, and Joseph A. Mechem (Board of Education, Bath District)
George M. (Mish) Smith
                Note: George Mish Smith died and conveyed the property by Will to Fredericka D. Owen (Washington DC) and
                         Mrs. Bennett (Eleanor) Reynolds (of Roosevelt, Arizona) - Will Book 6, page 190

Book No.10 - dated 1872 to 1875
R.S. McKaig to
Board of Education, Bath District
Order 196